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Presented by Kim Richmond and Clay Jenkins

at Holiday Aces Resort, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

A learning and growing jazz experience for grown-ups: A JAZZ CAMP in a beautiful wooded lakeside setting of Northern Wisconsin. For next year 2017, the dates are May 17 to May 20,  from Wednesday evening to Saturday night. 

Aspiring students of jazz from college age to seniors are welcome. Younger students are accepted if they accompanied by parent, guardian or other responsible adult.

In 2016, we had 21 students. A partial scholarship, from the Cletus Gillis Memorial Scholorship Fund, was awarded to long-time students Duane and Margie Fait. Margie, who recovering from a physical difficulty had been planning to just “audit” the camp, used that award to enroll as a full-time student. She studied and performed wonderfully.

A faculty of jazz professionals teach instrumental/vocal master classes, improvisation, jazz listening (how to listen, and who to listen to, old and new), modern jazz combo and big band playing, with concerts each night (open to the public) where advanced students sit in with the professionals.

Clay Jenkins

A major “perk” is students hanging out with the faculty at meals and at the bar, story sessions (ie. about the big bands), and jam sessions.The students can be players or non-players (auditors). No prior expertise is required. A spouse or other family member who is not a student is welcome to stay free with the student and to take advantage of a special discounted meal package.

Kim Richmond

The enjoyment of the resort facilities, pool, and surrounding woods and water are an important part of the Holiday Acres experience. This will be an intimate event with 25-30 students maximum.


Many thanks to Michael Clipson for devising this website, and teaching Kim how to use it.