Videos from 2019

2019 Northwoods Jazz Camp, final concert videos, May 18.

The first half of the concert was a presentation of the four student combos.

The first combo was led by faculty member Davey Scott.
Davey Scott Combo

The second combo up was the one led by Tom Hynes.
Tom Hynes Combo

Next was the combo of Andy Baker, our new faculty trombonist.
Andy Baker Combo

The final combo of the first half was that led by pianist Ryan Frane.
Ryan Frane Combo

The second half of the concert presented the Northwoods Jazz Camp Big Band, conducted by Ryan Frane and made up of all the students and some of the faculty.

Our special guest star was singer Steve March-Tormé who sang three songs with the band. (Steve is the son of famous singer Mel Tormé.)