2020 Northwoods Jazz Camp – ONLINE.

This is the letter sent today April 27, 2020.

Dear Northwoods Jazz Campers,

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Friday we had an online “Zoom” meeting with the faculty of the Northwoods Camp and defined our plans for the 2020 version of our jazz family get-together. We are not giving up on the idea of the joy of learning and playing jazz. We agree wholeheartedly that the main feature and attraction of our annual Camp is the personal interaction and physical closeness of making music together along with the social aspects.
That said, our get-together this year will be a decidedly different experience due to our mandated and necessary distancing.
First of all, there will be no tuition fee, but any donations will be graciously accepted. They will go evenly to the faculty. We plan to hold this virtual “Zoom” online get-together the week AFTER the normal camp; so somewhere in May 18-25 range, TBA. Here’s what we are offering and will provide:
1. Two one-hour masterclasses on your instrument or voice;  one each day. 2. Two one-hour jazz theory (or Improv) classes: one each day. At least 2 levels provided. 3. A one-hour Special Session. This includes all students and all faculty. Our faculty will create a jazz performance (via overdubs), then discussing it and answer questions in real-time per “Zoom” session. 
4. Each instructor will make one or two performance video/audio (instructional) recordings, to be sent to you, perhaps one a week. 5. Combos: possibly. I will send several mock ups to all students with instructors playing a few of my arrangements, some of which we played during the last couple of years (I have 2 new ones). These will perhaps be “Music-Minus-One” versions with your part left out. You can practice with these on your own, and perform them for us IF YOU WISH. 6. One or two private lessons, one-on-one, with the teacher of your instrument. Payment arranged directly with instructor.
We would like to hold a “warm-up” session to make sure everybody succeeds in getting online via the Zoom App, which everyone will need to download and get familiar with. We would like to schedule that for one hour (TBA) on Thursday OR Friday, May 14 or 15. We will talk about the features of Zoom and any potential problems associated with the technology. Zoom is an easy program, and it’s free and user-friendly. 

 It would be nice to get some idea of our numbers and instrumentation in order to better serve your needs. Now that you have a better idea of our plan, could you please weigh in once again regarding your interest in joining us for all or any part of our online camp this year by responding to this email.  If you have ANY questions at all, please ask via e-mail, or call to discuss on the phone Kim R: 323-466-3934 home, 323-823-1777 cell.